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Design of precision plastic mould for poly (vinyl chloride)

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Rich experience,For you to effectively control time and save capital costs

Large amount of free mold, high production efficiency

Evaluate the rationality of customer drawings, give suggestions to optimize product structure, effectively control time and capital cost

More than 22 years of experience, technical engineer and mold engineer team, to meet your different customization needs

The emergency production plan can flexibly solve the urgent needs of customers and guarantee the delivery date

The leader of mould design

Focus on the industry for 22 years, professional research and development, production of high-quality plastic products

Factory is located in Shenzhen, adjacent to Hong Kong, Macao, Dongguan, Huizhou, Shantou, Pearl River Delta, a number of high-speed, convenient transportation

The whole plant covers an area of 4200 square meters, with 200 employees. Its strength is highly recognized by peers and customers

All year round stock, the fastest 6 hours to ship

Excellent and mature mold manufacturing process, mold delivery time 20-30 days

Strong R & D team to give you more professional technical support

Nearly 10 R & D engineers with nearly 22 years of working experience have been serving top 100 enterprises such as BYD, oppo, Huaqiang group, Midea and Galanz

Nearly 30 technical maintenance personnel with more than 8 years of practical operation experience are skilled and accurate

Have independent mold development ability, strong skills, more professional

Have after-sales service, answer reception, after-sales more at ease

According to different products to choose the right, to seek the optimal design

Low cost raw materials, seek the best design

Timely communicate with customers online and offline, determine the development direction, main parameters, principle and main structure

Complete the preliminary budget of product development and design of main parts, provide detailed working drawings for production samples, and provide free star sales service consultation to customers

Actively respond to customer needs, send samples within 24 hours in working days; place orders to product delivery door-to-door, carefully care for each step of your order delivery, the delivery accuracy can reach 99%

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    Ventilation partition of computer case
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    Research on filter element processing technology of water purifier
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  • Mold case of daily necessities
    Mold case of daily necessities
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Common problem /
  • Many customers reflect that the plastic mold has passed the acceptance, why there will be unexpected quality abnormalities in the injection molding process. First of all, it is necessary to confirm the quality problems in the injection molding process, which are often directly related to the quality of the mold.【More】
  • How to choose a reliable injection mold factory? Injection mold factories all over the country have thousands of people, as small as one or two people, and all kinds of molds. Therefore, quality is an important factor in choosing injection mold factories. Because mold quality affects product quality, if you want to design or process molds, you have to choose injection mold factories with better quality. Only in this way can you make the quality of products better, so you can choose to pay attention to this aspect To a satisfied mould factory【More】
  • To customer drawings, and not immediately direct quotation. We should also make a comprehensive analysis according to the market situation, customer psychology, competitors, status and other factors, properly sort out the appraisal, increase 10-30% on the basis of the appraisal, and put forward the first quotation. After bargaining (making customers feel that they have taken advantage), we can adjust the quotation according to the actual situation.【More】
  • After finding the corresponding mold factory, all the customers who have opened the injection mold are most concerned about the price of the injection mold. In fact, they do not know the material, size, acupoint, precision, appearance requirements and other series parameters of the mold. The quoted price of the injection mold is not accurate, which is irresponsible quotation.【More】
  • There are many injection molding manufacturers in China. Why do some of them have good quality and fast delivery. Some of them are poor in quality and slow in speed. There are many different operation modes.【More】
  • 开注塑模具如果前期工程师没有设计好,到后面在修改模的时候就很困难,要浪费大量的人力和物力,而且客人还不满意。最经常出现的有出模拖伤,进胶点位置没选好,导致注塑没有办法调好气纹,影响外观。【More】
  • At present, the competition in Shenzhen plastic mold industry is fierce. In order to win business opportunities, injection mold manufacturers must consider how to use low cost to create high efficiency. So what factors need to be considered when designing the mold? 1. We should consider the cost of injection molding, according to the size of the machine, how much per beer, so as to determine the product ranking method and the number of holes. 2. Considering the appearance of the product, determine the parting surface. The position of parting surface should be conducive to mold processing, exhaust, demoulding, etc. 3. The shape, size and exhaust direction of the main flow channel and splitter channel are determined by considering the nozzle mode.【More】
  • 1.模具成型零件尺寸的增加和零件的高生产率要求一个模具中有多个空腔,这导致模具尺寸的增加。大吨位模具可达100吨,一个模具中有数百个型腔和数千个型腔,需要大型的模具加工设备工作台,增加Y轴和Z轴行程,承重大,刚性高,一致性高。【More】
  • At present, the application of mold involves various products (automobile, universe, daily necessities, electrical communication, medical equipment, etc.), as long as a large number of products use mold production, mold is an integral part of the mold. At present, the accuracy requirements of the mold base depends on the demand of the product, Longji mold base just provides the appropriate supply according to the customer’s demand. For injection mold structure, please refer to the previous article "injection mold structure diagram" on this website, which will not be repeated.【More】
  • How to reduce defects in plastic mold processing? The mold editor will tell you the answer.【More】
  • The structure of plastic mold mainly includes a concave die with variable cavity, a concave die combination substrate, a concave die combination substrate and a concave die combination substrate, a convex die with variable core, a convex die combination substrate, a convex die combination substrate, a cavity truncation component and a side truncation combination substrate.【More】
  • The key link of injection molding is to make all kinds of plastics into products or billets with the required shape. There are more than 30 injection molding methods. Its choice mainly depends on the type of plastic, the initial shape and the shape and size of the product.【More】
  • Plastic mold is finally used in the production of plastic products, the more common is injection molding, and its process mainly includes: mold closing, injection molding, pressure maintaining (pre molding), cooling and setting, mold opening, ejection and mold closing. There is a cycle process in the injection process, which needs three stages: pre molding, injection and cooling.【More】
  • The characteristics of the injection mold depend on the characteristics of the raw materials, mainly including the injection flow characteristics of the plastic melt and the shrinkage line position of the plastic in the mold cavity during cooling and solidification, which determine the particularity of the injection mold and the difficulty of the design of the injection mold.【More】
  • How to deal with the white edge of plastic mold manufacturers? Generally, people who don’t know the industry first consider refueling. Why do you say that? Because this is a method that many people who don’t know injection molding know, but this method has a disadvantage, that is, waste.【More】
  • 1. When PE, PP, PVC, GPPS, PMMA, San, PC and PBT are used to dye opaque colors, titanium dioxide should be added.【More】

Shenzhen South Asia TEDA Plastic Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is located in building 3, Deqing Industrial Zone, Tongxin community, Baolong street, Longgang District, Shenzhen city. It has elegant environment, convenient transportation, strong technical strength and excellent equipment. It has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949 system certification, with a plant area of 12000 square meters.

Shenzhen South Asia TEDA Plastic Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and sales of air purifier and electric intelligent mask; mold design and manufacturing of plastic parts and hardware parts such as household appliances, smart phones, intelligent communications, cordless phones, tablet computers, automobiles, medical cosmetology, robots, sweepers and daily necessities; injection molding and die casting; spraying, silk screen printing, pad printing and radium printing Carving, electroplating, finished product assembly and other one-stop services.





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