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Precautions for injection mold maintenance

Article source:Shenzhen South Asia TEDA Plastic Co., Ltd Popularity:Date:2021-01-14 09:37:42

Injection mold maintenance and mold repair is more important. The more times of repair, the shorter the mold life. On the contrary, the better the maintenance, the longer the mold life. Injection mold is like human body. If you don’t maintain it regularly or reasonably, there will be a variety of problems in production, resulting in no guarantee of product quality. In addition to the maintenance of injection mold, we need to know more about the maintenance of injection molds. General injection mold maintenance is divided into three major items: 1. Maintenance when injection mold is not in production; 2. Maintenance during injection mold production; 3. Maintenance after injection mold production


How to maintain the injection mold after production? Because often in some injection mold factory, a lot of masters think that after the injection mold is finished, it will be OK. After the production of injection mold, we must remember to spray a layer of antirust oil on the inner cavity of the mold. It seems like a small action. If we ignore it, because the mold has been stored for a long time, the next time we need to produce it, the mold will have been rusted and corroded. Injection mold maintenance is also one of the important factors that directly affect the life of the mold. As long as the injection mold maintenance is better, the service life of the mold will be longer.





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